Wednesday, September 02, 2015
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With thirty-five years of running and footwear biomechanical experience, we can be sure to help ensure that your running will be safe as well as healthy.  

Tallahassee's first and only true and medically accurate gait analysis. Come find out how we are better than our competition and why we are the number one doctor recommended shoe store. Not just for runners!



We have both the tennis expertise and the high-quality equipment selection priced well to help you play your best!


Why be uncomfortable in your ‘all-day’ shoes? We can change all that today with our ultimate line of shoes.


Welcome to Shaws
We are your foot solutions store.  Come in and get great looking shoes.Get fit right and keep your feet happy! Doctors Recommend Us FIRST!  Get fit right!  Medical training plus the best shoes plus the best orthotics equals the best feet!

We pre-select the best shoes available in each category and then custom fit each with our medical training and the experience to your biomechanical needs!  


Though he’s not a medical doctor, many of Shaw’s clients call him “Doctor Shaw.” He has a select group of devotees who ask him to “bless” their shoewear before they travel, and a never-ending list of people who profess their thanks. That’s what happens when a certified pedorthist decides to combine his love of shoes with his ability to utilize orthotics. Thanks to its owner, Shaw’s Athletics is a match made in footwear heaven.

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